Policy Statement:

The OSEPA project mission statement regarding Free Open Source Software Policy for European Public Administration, which underpins the 2nd OSEPA conference, is available for download here.


The 2nd OSEPA conference explores the strategic impact of FOSS adoption and relates it to the environment and potential of European Public Administrations. It focuses on the potential of FOSS uptake by EPAs (presenting results of OSEPA surveys, guidelines on technical and economic efficiency, policy recommendations, best practices etc).

Conference Focus:

FOSS in European Public Administrations

This theme will provide a chance to present the results of the OSEPA survey, good practices and case studies identified in the OSEPA project.


FOSS legal and economic aspects in the EU context


Software licensing schemes, overall cost assessment of FOSS migration or adoption projects, legal and economic aspects of open source software will receive great attention.


Collaborating towards shared FOSS solutions for trusted and innovative public services


This theme embraces the need to create new software environment. With the advent of new software provision models and emergent technologies (e.g. cloud computing) new challenges and opportunities for public organisation arise.



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